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Amesbury Physiotherapy Privacy Policy

Your information and what you should know

Amesbury Physiotherapy is registered to process personal and sensitive information under the Data Protection Act 1988. Our registration number is Z7041091

We hold information about patients, their medical conditions and clinical care. This information is held in our paper health records. All information is held in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation 2018, and all our physiotherapists and staff have a legal duty to maintain your confidentiality.

We may share information with NHS or other healthcare providers for the purpose of ongoing care or treatment.

Your rights

You have the right to:

  • Confidentiality under the Data Protection Act 1998, the Human Rights Act of 1988 and the common law of confidence;
  • Ask for a copy of all records about you;
  • Have errors in your details corrected

You can help us by:

  • Pointing out any information which is wrong and telling us when you change address, telephone number or GP;
  • By allowing us to share as much information about you as we need in order to provide you with the best possible healthcare

What information do we hold?

We hold basic details about you, such as your name, address, telephone numbers, email address, date of birth, and your GP.

We hold other information about you that may include:

  • Your medical conditions;
  • Treatment provided and contact you have had with us;
  • Results of investigations such as x-rays, scans and laboratory tests that you have provided to us;
  • Reports about your health and the care you need;
  • Relevant information from other health care professionals;
  • Occupation
  • Exercise plans

Why do we hold this information?

Records about you are used by Amesbury Physiotherapy to:

  • Provide a good basis for all healthcare decisions by you and healthcare professionals;
  • Enable you to work in partnership with those providing healthcare;
  • Make sure the care we give is safe and effective;
  • Work effectively with others providing you with care;
  • Remind you about appointments

Who do we share information with?

We will share information with the NHS and other private healthcare providers in order to support your healthcare needs.

We may inform your GP and Hospital Consultant of your progress unless you ask us not to

We will also share your information with other organisations where it may benefit you, for example community services.

How do we maintain our records?

Your health records are held in paper form and we must retain these for at least eight years following the conclusion of treatment or death. Children and young people’s notes are retained until the patients 25th birthday or 26th if the young person was 17 at the conclusion of treatment, or 8 years after death.

We have a duty to:

  • Maintain full and accurate records of the care we provide to you
  • Keep records about you secure and confidential

How can you access you Physiotherapy records?

If you require a paper copy of your physiotherapy records, please write to us to request a copy

Complaints or queries

If you would like further information or wish to make a complaint please contact Nicola Caswell, Proprietor, Amesbury Physiotherapy on 01980 625245.

If you feel that we have not dealt adequately with your complaint you can complain to the Information Commissioner at the address below:

Wycliffe House
Water Lane