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Frequently asked questions

At Amesbury Physiotherapy Clinic we are here to help you so if you have a question about Physiotherapy and what it entails, please see below...

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I cannot afford to keep paying for lots of treatment sessions.

Please do not worry. You are not obliged to return for more treatment. We will always explain what your problem requires and we will hopefully teach you how to manage it to prevent it recurring.

Can a Physiotherapist tell if something is seriously wrong with me?

Yes, we are trained to pick up serious conditions that present themselves as aches and pains. We will carry out a thorough and detailed initial assessment, and will contact your GP with your permission.

What if I cancel?

Please give at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep an appointment, as missed and late cancellations will incur a charge

Could I have a home visit?

Home Visits can be arranged at an extra charge for patients who are in too much pain to attend the Clinic. Treatment is more effective at the Clinic because of our specialist facilities and equipment, so we shall try to resume treatment there as soon as possible.

Do Physiotherapists manipulate?

Yes. Chartered Physiotherapists who have attended appropriate post graduate training are qualified to manipulate.

What shall I wear?

To carry out a thorough assessment of your problem we will need to see all related areas. We shall ask you to remove your shirt if you have a neck, upper back, shoulder or elbow problem. If it’s your lower back we would ask you if you minded undressing to your underwear or at least remove your trousers. If you have a hip or knee problem could you please remove your trousers or skirt. You may prefer to bring a pair of shorts to put on?

How many treatments will I need?

After a thorough and full initial examination, your physiotherapist will discuss her findings and her treatment plans and goals with you. Every problem requires different number of treatment sessions.

How long does each treatment last?

An initial assessment and treatment is 40 minutes long, as are subsequent appointments for more complex problems. Most Follow up appointments are of 30 minutes duration.

How quickly will I be seen for my first appointment?

We will always endeavour to offer you an appointment within 24 hours of you contacting the clinic.

I have Medical Insurance. What do I need to do?

You must phone your insurer prior to treatment to confirm the extent of your cover and to be given authorisation. You will be unable to claim retrospectively. Depending on your policy you may be required to visit your GP first.

Do I need a GP referral for Physiotherapy treatment?

No. Our physiotherapists have training and experience to recognise when a patient needs to see their GP. If you have medical insurance cover, they are most likely to want you to have a GP referral.

Do Physiotherapists only treat muscle injuries?

Chartered Physiotherapists are qualified to treat all spinal problems, and almost half our caseload is spinal work.