Welcome to Amesbury Physiotherapy, a well established clinic with a highly qualified and experienced team. We provide an excellent musculoskeletal service for all of our clients aiming to ease pain, restore normal movement and return to optimal health.

Welcome to Amesbury Physiotherapy

At Amesbury Physiotherapy all practitioners are experienced Chartered Physiotherapists, members of the Health Professions Council, and have undergone extensive post-graduate training.

Our physiotherapists carry out full assessments on their clients and accurately diagnose the nature and severity of their problem by identifying the underlying causes. By treating the underlying causes rather than just its symptoms, it is more likely that the client will get better quicker and the problem is less likely to recur.

Hands on techniques are used to reduce pain and increase the range of movement in the short term.  To achieve a long term solution specific and appropriate exercises are taught.

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We offer day time and evening appointments, and same day appointments are usually available, especially if the problem is urgent and the client’s pain is severe.


Feel free to contact us to check availability.

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